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Custom Orders

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While we have some pieces ready to be shipped in                 , the majority of our business is through orders placed by you, our customers. Regardless of your own knowledge of design and no matter how simple or complex your order, we will work with you to achieve your vision.


Most custom orders take 3 - 6 weeks to complete.


Price is based on design intricacy and materials used. Visit our store to see comparable piece prices.


We require 25% deposit to begin a project, with the remainder due upon delivery.


We do offer a genuine courtesy to the trade.

How It Works:

First you provide us with any info on what you want. (dimensions, species of wood, etc...)


Next we will send you rough sketches of the project design, along with a price quote and estimated build time.


Once you confirm the order by depositing 25% of the price quote, we will start construction.


You can request changes and alterations until we get the design exactly as you want.

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We first create initial sketches based on your requested preferences and needs.

Stage 1.jpg

Once the design and style is agreed upon, we will build the piece out of appropriate materials.

We will send you pictures during construction to keep you updated on the build progress.

stage two.jpg

We apply bark and twigs per customer preference. We then finish the piece with protective stain and varnish.

Photos of the finished piece are sent to the customer for final approval. Once approved the piece is promptly delivered and installed.

finished product1.jpg

Please feel free to                  by email or phone to place an order or to learn more about the order process.

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