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About Us

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Abiding Branches builds one of a kind furniture in the Adirondack twig style. Although traditional in methods and resources, our designs often cater to a more contemporary styling, making our pieces applicable to a wider range of households, beyond just the traditional rustic cabin.

Having found fulfillment in building furniture for his
home, Anto Parseghian launched Abiding Branches
in 1996, to give others the opportunity to
experience the salubrious effect of natural furniture.
Overlooking Cayuga Lake is the workshop of Abiding Branches.
Inspired by the surrounding
natural beauty, diligent hands create some of the
loveliest furniture in the region.

"What I make is like 
     a beautiful tool."

Our Methods

Our Methods

Over the years we've planted far more trees than we plan to harvest. When we do harvest a tree, it is selected in relation to other trees. We strive to maintain a balanced wood lot with a healthy canopy. Our White Ash and Willow plantings are harvested through coppicing, which allows the tree to continually send up new saplings. Thankfully, in the rustic style, much of the tree is incorporated into our work - trunk, branches, twigs, bark, even seeds and roots are sometimes used. Any leftovers are recycled as firewood or returned to the forest floor as mulch. All the material gathered is properly dried and stored indoors awaiting the appropriate project.
While traditional methods of joinery and general woodworking are used, we also adopt new tooling and technology. Power tools, biscuit joinery, modern glues, and water-based finishes, are some of the benefits that the ancient masters would have embraced, if they had them available.
Most rustic furniture today is being built merely for novelty or natural effect. Nothing is constructed at our shop that isn't fit to fully function as furniture. Our furniture is built under the highest quality standards. The pieces we produce are built for daily utility, and will continue to give their owners useful service for generations to come.

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