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Growing up in Hollywood, California, I was surrounded
with visual enrichment. The variety of motion pictures,
glamorous architecture, whimsical landscaping, superb
museums and unique people made me well versed in
the visual arts. For the past thirty years I have lived
worked in Upstate New York. My work now reflects a
certain metropolitan sensibility, infused by the primal
beauty of the Finger Lakes Region.
Most of us now realize that certain human needs are left
dissatisfied by cold industrial progress. It is not easy to
cozy up to melamine, chrome and vinyl. We long for
familiar elements from our origin, even a small memento
of the Garden, where we used to walk with God in the
cool of the day.
While natural materials fuel my imagination, function remains the forefront of my designs. What I build is not going to hang on a wall, or be displayed in a corner. By definition, furniture is a useful object for the home, and it must endure daily use. I am sometimes called an artist, but I don't really make art. What I make is more like a beautiful tool.
Anto Parseghian


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